Gadarian's Magic: Reviews

"Gadarian's Magic is, as its title suggests, an epic fantasy novel written with a unique writing style that you don't see a lot of anymore.
The author has incredible talent and imagination: from the world building to the character development this book has everything to look for in a great fantasy novel: adventure, love, and complicated family affairs.
I've started reading this book to improve my English through a magic journey and I'm really glad of this finding! I'd definitely recommend it!"

Review By: Francesco Marchioni, author of Chronicles of a Simlutated world

Gadarian's Magic is a compelling fantasy adventure. There is much interaction between characters and the vocabulary is outstanding. I'm sure you will enjoy the adventure of Kitty Armegon, too! The author of this tale is a frequent contributor to a fan fiction website which I regularly visit, and I have been acquainted with her amazing work since January 2016.

Review By: Midwest Michele

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