Meet Beth M. 

Greetings writers and fictional readers of the world. I am Beth M., the creator of Beth M.'s Book Marketing Website. I have decided to create a website that will help first-time authors shower attention for their new book. Even if you're not a brand new author, this may be the perfect website to help market your book. I am a first-time author myself, actually. You may have noticed the cover art, but I am the author of Gadarian's Magic, a book that contains witches and warlocks, darkness and light, good vs. evil. I have plans on writing a second book to make this a series, but I am currently working on a new novel for a different series. More details will be explained later on. I will admit that when I first published my novel, I had trouble getting it out there. Not only do I want to get my book out there, but I also want to help other authors as well. 

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