An ordinary villager such as Kitty Armegon lives a simple life. Growing up into a teenager and woman while her father has departed on a journey for ten years has lead Kitty to believe that some things never last long. After meeting Wilfred, the former Warlock of Light, and Kai Smith, the new Warlock of Light, life starts to take a toll for the main character. Now Kitty must face the most brobogandrian villain of all. Willa West Witch, the Witch of Darkness. A book filled with adventure, love, family troubles and honesty, will Kitty prove that she is the true Witch of Light or will she perish in the darkness?

-Beth M.

Gadarian's Magic

-Francesco Marchioni

Chronicles of a Simulated World

List of Books that I Have Helped to Market

 "Today there is a clear philosophical and scientific convergence towards the Simulation hypothesis, which claims the world we are living might be just an experiment or even somebody else’s hobby. However, you might be surprised that this thought has been a true obsession for our kind since the beginning.

 This book will take you on a journey across the history, to hear far cries of people struggling to find what is under the hood of the Universe fabric. You will find that so many things seem to be carefully programmed like our innate desire to live in expanded worlds, or our attitude to fight with each other, or our unstoppable march to advance in our technology every day.

As scientists discover new intriguing evidence on the nature of the Universe, we realize that the truth was perceived at the roots of our civilization  when we couldn’t foresee the realism of today’s simulation yet we could foresee the future using the binary system, that is the foundation of today’s computers, to predict the future.

 In Chronicles from a Simulated World, I am going to tell you a bunch of facts of life and tales which have been in my mind for a while. Until, one day, I realized that they all have a common design pattern. Perfectly programmed by somebody from a High Castle."

Here are the books that I have helped authors market.

Please note: Descriptions and cover art do not belong to me. They belong to only the author. Author's name and title of the book will be placed under description. I have asked the author's permission to help place descriptions and cover art on this website. 


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